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Diboll Schools Photograph Collection, 1968-2003

1 cubic foot

Diboll Independent School District formed in 1952 out of the county school system of Angelina County, although there had been a school for Diboll’s children since the late 1890s.  Following creation of the independent district, the schools grew and were remodeled, with new buildings added as population growth and other factors required it.  During the late 1960’s Diboll began racially integrating its schools, starting with sports at the high school, followed by the other grades.  Diboll’s schools have always served as a center for community life and a focus for community pride, as many of these photographs show.  The bulk of the collection consists of photographs taken at Diboll High School during the 1960s, mostly circa 1968, although there are photos of elementary school students and events through the 2000s.  The collection also contains 1970’s football programs and scrapbooks from the 1970’s and 1980’s, as well as newspaper clippings.